About Me


IMG_3058This blog is a collection of all the things I like: food (especially cookies), music, makeup, photography, writing and everything else that comes up along the way. Possibly travel? Plants? What other cliché things do people blog about? This blog will most definitely include those things.

Anyway, who am I? I ask myself that every day. Here is a list of Things I Have Wanted to Be in My Life: Soccer Player, Veterinarian, Gymnast, Dancer, Broadway Star, Actor, Journalist, Poet, Graphic Designer, Singer, Pastry Chef, Counselor, Makeup Artist, Someone Else.

More about me? I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in English. As a result, I have been asked many times if I plan to become a teacher. I do not. I have had a fair number of jobs in my life ranging from veterinary kennel caretaker to social media marketing assistant. I have been singing since I was a kid and ended up spending some time living in LA pursuing a music career. That was a weird time.

I have also had the cooking/baking itch since I was a kid. I would cook or bake on my own sometimes just for fun. I would also watch cooking shows and be fascinated. I’m talking like before The Food Network even existed! That is so weird to think about – a world without The Food Network. A couple times I tried to WRITE DOWN THE RECIPE as the show was going. With a PENCIL and PAPER! Man, those were the days. The show was Great Chefs Great Cities, by the way. Now I have the Internet, so I don’t have to write anything down and I can try all kinds of delicious recipes, which I do often. One of my very guilty pleasures is foie gras. SORRY! How did this page get so long? I really, really like food.

Wait, I have more to say. I must confess that this blog does not focus on healthy recipes. I am the type of food fan that loves to indulge (so sue me) and if I can, I will always use the full-fat, full-calorie, full-sugar, full -salt, full-whatever-it-is, version of everything (unless the recipe specifically calls for a certain ingredient that is necessary for the desired results. In that case, of course! Of course). And the reason for that is very simply because it tastes better. Also for the record, something laden with fat and sugar (dump cake, anyone?) does not automatically make it taste better. But those two things do help…you know what they say, “I said I wanted to live a good life, not a long one.”



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